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Since early 2020 I felt my body was literally curling into a tight ball that I did not think could unwind. My bones, muscles, and senses were fighting each other like I had never felt before. I called Irene and asked for help. Irene showed me (via Mobile video) her healing room (some 3,000kms away from me!!) set out with her healing stones and asked me to lay in a quiet place with no interruptions. Words can’t explain what I felt from her long-distance healing, but within a few minutes of laying on my bed (I texted her when I was there and breathing slowly), I felt heat (like a warm summer breeze) flow from the top of my head, slowly down my chest, stomach, past my knees and then literally float over my feet that I’ve never felt before. That warmth, as I laid on my bed, was soothing with a wave of happiness that floated over me from my head to my toes. Irene texted me when she was finished and within an hour, she emailed me her findings in poem form for each section of my body. The words in her poems that she sent me were astonishing. Her poems gave an oversight of what she saw when she worked on me that answered many of my questions. A week later I am still practising her advice and I feel revived, confident, and honoured to have had her work on me. Thank you, ALWAYS, Irene.


Perth, WA, Australia

Such an experience ….it all starts from entering the beautiful studio that creates a sense of healing/calmness surrounded with healing stones with just the right amount of lighting to set the mood. I have now received a few Massage including Reiki sessions. Reiki allows me the time to be mindful about what I am needing. Her massage technique is able to target muscles screaming for attention. Wow! Even Aromatherapy was offered at my latest appointment. Such a lovely way to end the session with an energising cup of tea and biscuits.


Melbourne, Victoria

I was first introduced to Irene through a mutual friend and started seeing her originally for Massage and now Reiki. I’ve found Irene to be one of the kindest, most genuine people and I always look forward to our sessions and what will come out of it, especially the poems she writes at the end.. With her Reiki it has helped me face the many things that hold me back from being me and helped me deal with the stresses that the modern world brings. I would recommend Irene to anyone.


Purchasing and Expediting Officer | Melbourne, Australia

I have been coming to Irene on and off for 2 years. One thing I have really appreciated has been the quick response from Irene for appointments especially to relieve pain. I also really appreciated the kind, intuitive, and professional, therapeutic manner Irene works with. There is an air of care within Irene.


Director | Melbourne, Australia

From the first moment I felt comfortable with Irene and could immediately relax. Since then I see her every 3-4 weeks and will definitely keep it that way since not only the massage is very relaxing but also she gives me calmness and energy every time we do Reiki. I already recommended her a few times and will keep doing it. The comments that she writes down for you after the treatments are very helpful and always go into a certain direction which leads me to uplift my mood. I’m positive anyways but this is a top-up 🙂 I’m very happy that I found her!


Marketing Analyst | Melbourne, Australia

I’ve known Irene and have experienced her healing gifts for many years. Each time I have an intuitive massage or Reiki session (aka The Body Wisdom Sessions or the Stone Circle Sessions!), I feel as if I’m in the hands (literally) of a kind, loving human being, someone who deeply tunes in and cares about my well-being. I appreciate how peaceful and grounded I feel after each session and always love hearing her intuitive insights. I’m also very grateful she does remote sessions since we no longer live in the same city. I can’t recommend Irene highly enough for the person and the professional she is.

Jenn Kosh

Astrologer, Writer, Mentor at Love Matters | Calgary, Canada

I have known this lovely lady Irene Fitzpatrick for some time.
I have been very blessed to have experienced her healing abilities. Irene is an exceptional healer / facilitator of Reiki and her ability to blend this talent with massage is a truly healing experience. Irene has the most beautiful nature and is so giving and committed to her craft. I highly recommend her services and I believe you will enjoy the journey with her intuitive guidance.


CEO, Vaughan Consulting | Melbourne, Australia

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