“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”
~ William Wordsworth

From a young age, I’ve always found it quite easy to rhyme, and the verses come quite quickly.
The words and images I channel are often infused with medieval imagery because of my love
of the myths and magic of this time period.

And while I initially wrote these verses just for me, they began to come through for my clients with special messages from their body intelligence around their healing.

Now it seems more important than ever to share these musings with others in a more public way.

The themes of the verses are varied depending on what feeling I’m tapping into, such as
Love/Unrequited Love, Seasons, Goddesses, Healing the Planet, and Family.

Below are some examples to read of my poetry. These Messages have been a way to express my journey.
I hope they provide comfort or guidance on yours

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