My Story

“Everybody has a story.
And there is something to be learned from every experience.”

~ Oprah Winfrey

I was born in Melbourne, Australia. My birth mother was unable to look after me, so I was placed in a children’s home run by Catholic nuns at the time and was adopted into the Fitzpatrick family at 18 months of age.

My upbringing was a good one but there was always that part of me that would question if I was good enough. If I got into trouble, I would wonder whether my parents would put me back in a home. When my ‘little brother’ was adopted, I loved him but there was of course sibling rivalry. I was a helpful child and mostly wanted to please people.

My brother and I were both told from an early age that we were adopted, so it always seemed normal. As I grew, my inquisitiveness also increased. Who was my birth family? Did I look like anyone? Were there any other siblings from my birth family?

These questions led me to start the journey to find my birth mother. My adoptive parents who were always Mum and Dad were very supportive. I found and met my birth mother when I was 20 years of age, and met lots of new family.

My birth mother died when I was 30. After her death, it brought up even more questions and saw me needing to do some work on self-healing.

“Helping people” is a broad term, I know, but that’s what I always found myself pulled towards.

Originally, I studied as a Welfare Worker and worked in hospital settings with seniors, which is a segment of the population I have felt protective over my whole life. I worked in that arena in some capacity over a span of 20 years.

Meeting my half-sister in my early 20’s got me interested in the esoteric and more natural ways of healing. That was the beginning of exploring other methods such as Astrology. I moved to Vancouver in 1992 and worked as a nanny originally and with Seniors but also worked in an Aromatherapy store and forayed into the world of Massage and Reiki.

In 2000, I obtained a Diploma in Massage Therapy in 2000, and studied Reiki in 2001 obtaining a Master Practitioner level. I let these skills lapse for a time, however in 2012, during a meditation with a good friend and mentor, my purpose became crystal clear. I needed to return to a healing modality.

Moving back to Melbourne in 2016, to be with my ailing mum, I re-established Healingintuit.

I have always written poetry, but in the last couple of years I have realized this is another part of the healing journey. Part of that has included writing a children’s story about a girl wanting to find a forever home. No guesses for what spurred that idea.

We all have a story which forms the basis of self-awareness and healing. I’m here to support you on your journey.


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