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Life Coach

 Walking the path of divine design

Seeking out Indra as a life coach has been one of the best things that I have done. She has helped me in so many ways. In finding direction in my life. Helping me see my strengths and areas in my life that I can improve. I found Indra to be warm and compassionate and very easy to talk to. I highly recommend anyone that is doing soul searching and trying to find their way to contact Indra. I am so happy that I did.” – Lauren

Is there a part of you scared of making a change but another part that dreams about what if?

How do you know when to take a leap and how do you take those next steps without creating chaos for you and your loved ones?

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Wholeheartedly, I believe that people can make the transition from a seemingly impossible dream to that vision becoming their current reality–regardless of the amount of money in their bank account, the year they were born or the experiences they have had that might suggest otherwise.  

My clients desire to be active in the creation of this new world by leading meaningful lives, inspiring others to do the same and create prosperity in the process.  

My clients have hope for a more loving world because we start feeling hope, we start to see the light.

And when we start to see the light, we can begin to make plans and take actions that lead you to your dreams.

Whether we work together for one session or several, each session is designed to be a catalyst for transformation, so you can change what needs to be changed and release what needs to be released.



What to expect: When you purchase your session, you’ll receive an intake form that will ask you to share what it is that you would like to shift in your life such as a career transition, a relationship issue, a pattern that you want to transform and some of challenges you have faced in the process.

When we meet, we will focus directly on the issue and you will walk away with clarity and confidence about how to move forward.

Investment: $140 CAD. Via Phone, Skype or In-Person.


My clients choose to partner with me for longer periods when they know they are ready for deep support that will allow them to grow personally and professionally.

Our time together is a safe place for them to dive deep into their dreams and feel safe about uncovering the fears and limiting beliefs. Because of my training in Reiki and hypnotherapy, we may use one or both of these modalities to shift things quickly and powerfully so you can live the highest potential of your dreams.

Investment: $140 CAD. Via Phone, Skype or In-Person.

“When a person really desires something,
 all the universe conspires to help that person to realize [their] dream.”

Human Potential


What is the Human Potential Assessment?

The Human Potential Assessment is an internationally renowned assessment tool designed to unlock your HUMAN POTENTIAL in areas of your awareness and personal development; inspiration and possibilities for your life; and living your calling and service goals.

Using a three-part process, the Human Potential Assessment pinpoints areas of strength and opportunities for future development, all designed to unlock your Human Potential. 

When you’re living at Full Potential, you can more easily see through the complexities of your world, allowing you to move forward with purpose and clarity. You’re able to create breakthroughs that you may not have thought possible before.

When you’re living at Full Potential, you have the capacity to create profound impact in your personal and professional life, while remaining grounded and centered through the inevitable changes every human goes through.

All things are possible when we tap into deeper levels of our Human Potential.

After you take the test online and receive a written summary of your results, our work together in your coaching session will be to strategize ways to integrate the findings and apply them to your unique situation and life goals.

The Assessment + Exploratory Session: $200 (a $100 savings)


 Walking the path of healing beyond words

Indra’s beautiful energy work and her beautiful words made me feel so safe. I have never had an experience like this before and I’m forever grateful to Indra. When I thought my dark days would never see the light again, Indra brought in the light.” – Abbe


Reiki healing sessions changed my life to such an extent that I became a Reiki Master Practitioner, so I could share this energy modality with as many people as I could.  

Reiki itself is a hands-on sacred energy healing system that comes from a loving Universal Source. It is a Higher Intelligence that works with you (your Higher Self) in creating the space for deep relaxation, healing and growth.

Maintaining the health of our energy body is highly important and has been part of the wisdom of many cultures long before modern medicine was born. Like acupuncture and reflexology, Reiki is a form of energy medicine.  

The work we do at the level of the mind is powerful and can result in major shifts in our consciousness. However, the work we do on the levels of emotion and energy are often the fast track to meaningful and lasting inner and outer changes.

Because of its gentle nature, any one at any age can receive Reiki energy.

What you can expect in receiving Reiki treatments:

**Reiki results do vary from person to person and is never a sole substitute for professional help. “Healing” is not the same as “curing” although Reiki is unlimited in its healing capacity.


When you arrive for your session, we will spend a short time discussing your intention for your Reiki session such as stimulating healing for a physical condition, relieving your stress, or receiving clarity on life decision. Then you will lie fully clothed on my massage table where you will receive the Reiki healing treatment. The last part of your session will include a brief conversation about any insights or action steps that emerged during your time on the table.


in person or online.

First session: $100 CAD,75 minutes
Subsequent single sessions: $90, 60 minutes

in person or online.

Three-session package: $240
Six-session package: $450


Walking the path of all things are possible

I came to Indra for guidance when my life was in turmoil; I feel she had a very positive outlook on life and helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Based on my experience with her I would absolutely recommend her to any of my friends.” – Lola

I first became interested in hypnosis while reading the book Only Love is Real by Dr. Brian Weiss. I was fascinated with how many phobias and traumas were healed and how many memories, including ones from past lives, patients uncovered.

This fascination led me to working with several hypnosis practitioners myself. Each time I left a session, I understood more about my life and experienced the healing of many physical and emotional hurts that had been my companions for many years.

Similar to the reasons why I became a Reiki Master Practitioner, I knew I had to become a clinical hypnotherapist so that I can help people heal and be free of those repressed memories, habits, beliefs, and limitations that are diminishing the quality of people’s lives.

How can hypnotherapy specifically support me?

Hypnotherapy has an unlimited number of possibilities in its use. Below are four general areas that we can use to help you.

Why would I need more than one hypnosis session?

More than 90% of our issues such as a trauma, fear, emotional pain, an emotional belief, or a behaviour have been programmed in the subconscious. Our work to do is to ensure that you have a new set of messages for the subconscious to carry out and that they become the dominant set of instructions that your subconscious carries out.

Am I unconscious through a hypnosis session?

No. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Your conscious mind deeply relaxes, but you remain awake at which point your subconscious becomes receptive to positive suggestions. For most uses of hypnosis, you do not need to achieve a deep trance-like state to obtain positive results.


in person or online.

First session: $200 CAD
Subsequent single sessions: $150
*First session is typically 2 hours long with subsequent sessions being 1.5 hours

in person or online.

Three-session package: $400
Six-session package: $725

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