Meet Irene

“The point of the journey is not to arrive”
– Rush

Like you…

I am on a Quest of self-discovery and awareness. No small feat I realize and one that is neverending as there is always new information to discover and integrate to  help us move forward on the path.]

My Story

I was born in Melbourne, Australia–adopted at 18 months of age. I found my birth family when I was 20.

As a child, I always loved fantasy. I grew up reading Enid Blyton and loved magic and faeries and enchantment. I loved the story of Robin Hood who was so dedicated to helping those in need, so much so that I wore my plastic Robin Hood outfit to bed after seeing the film.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been writing poetry, so the channelling I do in sessions and at home is second nature to me now.

I’ve always believed in that which I cannot see, a belief that was instilled in me growing up in a Catholic family. In my mid-teens, however, I started to have questions about my faith that prompted me to look for the answers elsewhere. At 21, I met one of my half-sisters who became a big influence as she followed a guru, which piqued my interest in other beliefs.

How I got my start in massage and healing work?

“Helping people” is a broad term, I know, but that’s what I always found myself pulled to.

I was a helpful child. I always wanted to please people and did not like to see animals or people hurt. I remember finding a dead bird and carrying it to the altar of the church we attended, followed by a small group of curious, compassionate children wanting to see the bird come back to life.
I wasn’t always a healer. I studied as a Welfare Worker and worked in hospital settings with seniors, which is a segment of the population I have felt protective over my whole life.

I went on a major adventure overseas when I was 24, exploring Ireland, England and Scotland, all countries which encompassed my birth and adopted heritage. Stonehenge was a highlight as well as seeing all the castles and old buildings which I love, enamoured I am with the stories of King Arthur and the Knights.

I visited Egypt and India as well as countless other countries on this life-changing trip. Each countries’ sites, stories and pantheon of Gods and Goddesses expanded my faith that there are many ways to the Divine.

I eventually moved to Canada after my big trip–the wanderlust in me had been activated. I was blessed with a great group of friends who let me massage their shoulders. Besides this nurturing side I have, I cannot tell you why I felt pulled to do this; I just did it. My friends would say, “You should do massage.” I decided to do a short course in massage in the late 90s.

I followed my heart back to Australia, to Perth in 2000 for a relationship that never manifested, but as the saying goes, “Things happen for a reason,” as I ended up doing a one-year Massage Course at the College of Natural Therapies.

The focus was more holistic as our teachers were Naturopaths and Massage Therapists open to other modalities. Halfway through that year, I was missing Vancouver so by March 2001 I was back and got a job at a Holistic Spa.

It was here I was introduced to Reiki and completed the First, Second and Master Practitioner Levels. When I first practiced Reiki, I thought I had found my calling. However, I put aside my massage and Reiki and worked in a variety of settings all “helping” oriented. Over the years, I worked with Home Care agencies for Seniors and in an Aromatherapy store and with a Holistic Vet who used Homeopathy.

I became fascinated with Wiccan teachings and started to practise as a witch in 2005. Contrary to belief, Wicca is Pagan meaning from the earth. True Wicca respects humans, animals and Mother Earth. I let this practise lapse as I explored other healing modalities but still to this day have an altar to Brigid the Goddess of Poetry, Healing and Smithcraft.

How Healingintuit came to be:


In 2012, while doing a Meditation with my incredibly gifted friend and mentor (who inspired me to do this website), I had an epiphany:

I saw myself rise up and look down on myself
and I was surrounded by other Healers.
I understood that our joint effort was
to heal the planet by helping others to heal.

The image was so strong I turned to my friend and said, “Can we stop?” She agreed and told me she had seen the same thing after I described my vision. Then she asked: “Why are you not doing this?”

It became very apparent in that instance that I was reminded to get back on my path of healing work.

From that knowing, ”Healingintuit” was born.

In 2016, I returned to Australia to be with my mum who passed away 4 months after I arrived. It was the right decision to be back. At the end of 2016, I realised I was meant to bring Healingintuit to Melbourne and so the journey began again.

The Intent of Healingintuit:

Ultimately, I wish to facilitate healing for people and animals. I know this is my destiny.

I believe I am a newish soul in this lifetime, but I have learnt old ways from the past that are giving me the courage to be honest and true with my life purpose.

I value integrity, compassion and self-awareness in doing the Great Work we all came here to do. I believe our bodies are Messengers in that process.

I am here to help you on your Quest, to listen and work with you to take those next steps through healing the body and listening to the messages it has for you.

We begin at the place you are and move forward in your own time and at your own comfort level.

Bring your Intention and let the journey begin.

Like you I am on a Quest
On the path of becoming who we are called to Be
But at times there is need to Rest
For the information and healing to flow naturally.

~ With much gratitude,

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