The Wolf’s Message

I walked through a vale of trees
A Lone Wolf’s gaze I did seize
Upon meeting him I dropped to one knee
The raised my head so his eyes I could see

He said:
Humankind is very cruel
Assume that over us they rule
I speak for all animals and Mother Earth
You do not see our individual worth
Long before you, the Earth existed, free
You dwindle our numbers and persecute thee
You trophy hunt and ravage the land
That provides food and shelter with a loving hand
Why then have you not learned?
For your misdeeds you are spurned
There is still time, some you can save
Be compassionate, thoughtful, wise and brave
For what came before you will again begin
When you return to dust with the legacy of sin”
With a solemn nod he turned on his heel
Leaving me with thoughts of regret to feel

Irene Fitzpatrick

Irene Fitzpatrick

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