Meet Amy

This is a letter to my soul tribe.

A crisis often calls us to look more deeply at our lives,

what we value, what we love and

what we came here to do.

Sometimes life brings us events or people into our world that we may not feel ready for.  It can bring us face to face with our worst fears, raising the most intense inner turmoil we could ever imagine, leaving us to wonder and question what could possibly be happening, wondering, Did I miss something? Is there something I’m not seeing?

At the age of 24, I experienced an intense health crisis that opened me up to deeper levels of questioning of who I am and why I’m here.  

Arthritic pain in all major joints in my body left me unable to stand, sit up from a chair or walk without excruciating stiffness and pain.  I went to my allopathic doctor for diagnosis and treatment but after five weeks of medical appointments, he still wasn’t clear about what was wrong with my body.  During this time, my arthritis exacerbated to the point that I could not move without pain, I lost 20 lbs and I lived with a 102-degree temperature every day.

I didn’t realize it then, but my body was responding to the pain of the pattern that there was something going on in my life that wasn’t true for me any longer, something that was telling me I needed to see and understand my life and my purpose in a new light.  

In order to cure myself, I worked with many different types of healers who knew that energetic blocks happen not only in the body but can also occur on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels. I began to realize that my body wasn’t broken, but that my body was responding to dis-ease on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels of my being that was now showing up in my body.  

When this realization sank in deeper, I understood and felt that what I truly needed was to be in touch and live from my soul’s purpose.

I started to self-reflect and asked myself some life-changing questions about what I truly wanted and needed in order to live a fulfilled life. I had originally considered working as a consultant in the field of Organizational Psychology, believing that this type of work would lead to a fulfilling life.  I realized the dreams I had and the material values and possessions I desired weren’t ever going to satisfy my heart and soul. With this new emerging clarity, I reached within and opened up to the Divine and asked for guidance in how could I heal myself and my body.  

And once I made a choice to bring the light of awareness to where I was stuck, I broke free.

As I continued to walk this soul-centered path, doors opened and a new reality emerged as my body healed.  I understood the importance of living in alignment with one’s soul and spirit, that dis-ease occurs when we’re living a lie, ignoring our own intuitive knowing and not embracing our true path.  

I eventually felt well enough to study at JFK University, completing a Masters in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in Transpersonal Psychology, which gave me a broad perspective of whole being wellness that includes our relationship with our higher self, as well as emotional and mental health.  

I was also inspired to learn more about alternative healing modalities such as reiki, polarity therapy and craniosacral therapy, which address the energy bodies to remove blocks and rebalance the system.

I also trained in various energy therapies, which deepened my understanding of healing by realizing that resolving issues on the energetic level supports healing on the physical level.  

The more I studied the more I realized was that my life had become my own spiritual healing experiment.  The most profound understanding I have to this day is that true inner peace and happiness come from being connected to the deepest part of yourself and the Divine.  It is the connection to something larger than ourselves, our soul and Spirit, which guides us along effortlessly with grace.

All we have to do is listen and follow.

As I stepped into my inevitable role as an astrologer (I’ve loved and studied astrology since I was 15), I could see how my past life patterns and wounding in expressing my individuality were being played out in this life, primarily with my parents and then my intimate partnerships.  Oddly, this information gave me a sense of inner peace as I understood that there was a deeper meaning and purpose to my inner struggles. My birth chart gave context and meaning behind some of the deeper emotional reactions and experiences I was having as well as helped me own my gifts such as my intuition and connection to the Divine.

In order to deepen my own abilities to listen to my soul’s truth and teach others to do the same, I began attending “The Foundation for Spiritual Development,” a unique intuitive development school that continues to teach me (twelve years strong) to listen to  guidance from the soul and how deeply fulfilling and nourishing it is to follow one’s path.

Through my business Soul Sanctuary, I am able to share my years of academic and metaphysical training along with my intuitive gifts that open people up to theirs by validating the truth of their own intuition and wisdom.

My inspiration and absolute joy come from supporting others in finding their own relationship with the Divine and aligning them with their soul’s vision and values.


I want to be a guide for you.

I want to be able to shine a light in places in you that may feel dark and heavy and difficult to see on your own at times.  

I want to invite you into a safe, caring and nurturing space and provide that environment to help you look and feel strong enough to take a leap and look at the opportunity of growth that your life challenges have offered you, so you can let go of important pieces of the patterns that hold you back.

My spiritual toolkit is vast and open to you.

Astrology helps explain the unexplainable, offering a sense of interconnectedness beyond any system I’ve ever learned. If you are here, you may be drawn to understanding your life through astrology and my Soul Navigation Sessions in which we will explore your astrology chart  along with my intuitive guidance to focus on the main storylines (past, present and future) and dynamics that your soul has chosen to work on in this lifetime

You might be called to have an Intuitive Soul Guidance session where I connect with the Divine and my guides to clearly hear messages from your soul that answer your questions about next steps while offering a healing perspective shift.

Or maybe we meet each other through a series of Soul Embodiment Sessions where I’ll teach you to connect to your own Divine Feminine Wisdom and follow it in each area of your life. You’ll learn the intuitive and energetic tools I use to clear what needs to be cleared (while we use them each session on transforming your challenges), aligning you to be more fully who you are on your soul’s journey.

Powerful. Magical. Alchemical.


Your cosmic clock between your soul and creation is ticking and your soul is searching for that perfect time to bring forth your light and awaken to your truth and purpose.

You might be feeling a pull from somewhere deep within as you search for true inspiration and the joy that can come only from the unique spark of who you are. This spark is wanting to be birthed into the world in a whole new way of being that is ready to burst forth.  That is where your joy is, where your creativity is, and where your flow is that you are looking for.  

Life makes no mistakes.

Your life is unfolding in a way to guide you towards manifesting your unique soul nature and vision for your life, showing you that life is truly a gift every day.

My joy is helping you discover your Soul’s Sanctuary that wants you to heal, release, understand and live out your incredible life purpose.

Thank you for being here. I look forward to witnessing the transformation, the love and the light that your soul came here to express.  


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